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Climate and societal changes are fundamentally transforming the world we live in. We are all forced to face the inevitability of those increasing challenges and to share the great responsibility of making the right decisions.

The situation requires extraordinary efforts from all of us.

Green Climate Ventures wants to contribute to the development of innovative business models and solutions to turn these challenges into opportunities for a strong environmental impact.


The firm provides expertise and patient capital to the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the areas of rural electrification, renewable energy, agribusiness and cooling.

We are exclusively equity investors in early-stage social impact companies.


Impact investing is growing in response to increased awareness on the issues of environmental sustainability and social equity, providing an alternative to traditional models of investment and development.

Impact investing accommodates the needs of new categories of responsible and ethical capital, interested not only in financial returns but also in the pursuit of social impact.


Green Climate Ventures was funded by Mr. Pedretti, an Italian serial entrepreneur considered an industry leader in the DRE generation (Distributed Renewable Energy). He currently serves numerous Boards of Directors in the energy sector around the world both in profit and non-profit organizations. He is a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, corporates, NGOs, and governments.

Mr. Pedretti is the President of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Rural Electrification.
He founded few successful start-ups in the renewable energy sector. He is the founder of Green Climate Ventures an early-stage impact investor focused on off-grid Access to Energy and related applications.

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